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    Dear Unknown, 

    As we have a lot of free time at Napier University, I try to invest myself in some activities outside the university. I work in a charity shop and I also volunteer in a Primary School for scouting. Today, I will make you discover this second activity as I really like doing it.

    It is really interesting to see how the education is different here compares to France. We often see people in uniform in the bus, but most of the time these people are around 13 years old, not less. The child I take care of are between 6 and 8, and they also wear uniforms for the scouting. Their team is called "The Beavers".

    Article 3 - Free article

    Beavers promise

    At the first approach, the education seems really stricter, because of the uniform of kids and leaders. However, I don't think the education is really different about the values, exempt that it is more religious. The scouts have one promise their must know and respect:



    "I promise to do my best

    To be kind and helpful

    And to love my God"


    Beavers "hello"

    Every day start with a ritual :

    • Children and leaders make a circle and hold their hands.
    • The leader scream "WHO ARE WE ?" 
    • The children answer together "WE ARE BEAVER ! Can't you see ?"
    • They squat, "B, E, A, V, E, R"
    • They jump "Beaver !"

    This is really nice and kids, as well as leaders, love this time. 

    Beaver's uniform

    When kids grow-up and learn some new values or have new experiences, they get badges and they stick it on their uniform. You can see on this picture how does the Beaver uniform look like : 

    Article 3 - Free article


    Beavers activities

    Then we do some activities like drawing, singing. Sometimes we do special things, for example last tuesday the fire and rescue service comes to the school and makes the children test the fire hose and visit the truck. They get a new badge for this experience ! 
    Here is some pictures of our fantastic experience, I have not put every pictures because I cannot publish kids pictures or video on internet if we recognize them. 

    Article 3 - Free article

    Article 3 - Free article

    Article 3 - Free article 

    Hope you've like this "typical day with Beavers", 

    See you soon for more stories, 


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