• Article 2 - Social rituals

    Dear Unknown, 

    Now that I know Scotland better, I would like to talk to you about some of social rituals, here the food and drink uses. I will speak about fried food because it takes a big part of Scottish eating habits. It is really different from our french uses and lot of my friends considered this fried food as a disgrace for "real food". I pass through this idea and try a lot of things, here is those which haven't let me indifferent...

    Irn Bru

    Irn Bru is often described as the Scotland's national drink. This drink has been produced for the first time in 1901 by A.G. Barr, in Glasgow. Irn Bru has a lot of direct competitor as Coca-Cla or Pespi, but it's still the first one selling soft drink in Scotland thanks to its innovative marketing campaigns as you can see on the picture. 


    Article 2 - Social rituals

    Fried food

    In the pub or even on the street, you can find fried food everywhere in Scotland. As you know, the most famous is the fish and chips. Fish and Chips is here often serve with peas and tartar sauce in pub. In the street, you can add vinegar or other sauce. I find it really nice ! 

    Article 2 - Social rituals

    An other popular street food is the Beef Pie. I tried it and I didn't really like it but some people loved it.

    Article 2 - Social rituals

    The last but not least fried food I want to show you is the Fried Mars. Yes, as the man who holds the kebab under my flat says "Here, we fry anything !". So, you can fry chocolate, sweet, pizzas … That's really funny ! Well, i tried fried Mars.


    When I saw it, I was afraid to test it ! It is really unusual for me ! I though I have to pass through my prejudice. And I LOVED IT. It is weird, it is hot, it is unusual and really fat. But it is great !

    Article 2 - Social rituals Article 2 - Social rituals











    See you in some time for others news ! 


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