• Article 4 - Scottish news story

    Dear Unknown, 

    As you might know, United-Kingdom is really famous for its Charity Shops and its solidarity politic. Charity Shops are social shops that use donated second hand goods (as clothes or furnitures) to resale it at low prices and help a good cause. These shops are mostly staffed by volunteers. I have choose this subject because I was working as volunteer in a truly influent charity British Heart Foundation the last 3 months. In UK, charities are usual, there are more than 9 thousand charities in UK and Ireland all together. 

    A new and innovating way to help people :  Article 4 - Scottish news story

    To innovate in this sector of social and solidarity, a new kind of charity has been created in 2011 on the model of a social business. On their official website, Josh and Alice, Social Bite's creators, say that they have been inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize earned by Mr. Yunus. Yunus described in his book what is a social business and what are his goals.


    Article 4 - Scottish news story

    Alice and Josh, giving food to homeless people, Christmas 2012

    To put it in a nutshell, we can say that a social business aims to "solving social challenges" rather than making money. The money the cafe earns is helping homeless people. Furthermore, Social Bite's employees are local homeless people. Social Bite therefore try to help them by giving them a second chance to work, and have a professional and social life. It inspires positive changes.

    Article 4 - Scottish news story

    One of Social Bite's add campaign 

    I made here a little sum-up of what is Social Bite and why it does exist, but if you are more curious, fell free to visit their official website ! It is fascinating (that's were I find the informations above !) and it is just here : http://www.social-bite.co.uk ! 


    Alice and Josh are speaking about their social business: Social Bite


    The news of April/May 2015 : George Clooney is coming at Edinburgh to support Social Bite 

    Article 4 - Scottish news story

    The awaited news is here : George Clooney, the famous american actor is coming here, in my Scottish city, in the street I live, to visit Social Bite and support them. Indeed, Clooney is a co-founder of an international charity named "Not On Our Watch" and is thus really sensitive with charity experience. I think that this innovation in charity world makes him curious, but most of all, Clooney wants to help Social Bite to be known by people and attract customers or donators. Then, when he will come (we don't have the exact date at the moment but it should in November), somebody will have the chance to dine with him in the cafe. To participate, people have to donate at least 5 pounds to Social Bite. It is a way to make people donate more, and help the cafe to become famous and develop itself. 

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